because no one is perfect

i miss my monthly dosage of seychelles

finally did this one layer thing

snk ova 2 (snk 3.25)

watch raw here

oHMYGOd i cant im unable to can JEAN ARGH fakkk IM trying to hold my laughter so my mom doesnt question me but i failed to do so. i dont even need subtitle to know every little detail. at least the japanese lesson i got at 10-11th grade helped me a bit but idek if this is a parody??

FINALLY THE ANSWER TO ALL THE “FAKE MANGA PREVIEWS” (knew it since jean’s mom appeared)but!!! this doesnt involve all previews (like hanji in a skirt, schoolgirl mikasa)so im thinking of another OVA??? 

more pics and fangirling and summary (lolwhat) under the cut (if anyone’s desperate and have 0.001% idea what’s going on)

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Bought a small tumbler (that was hard to find), draw something stupid to encourage me drink more water.

hey jäger shouldn’t you give that baguette to me i’m the bday boy

idk horseface

SnK - Sherlock parody 

HBD Jean!! ok not a great gift but in my defense it was very funny” 


head over heels

my gift to eren

I should have uploaded this much sooner

i miss tinierme

take a seat

take a seat

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